High Quality Products That Deliver Consistent Health & Wellness

Our cultivation and infused manufacturing facility located in Chafee, Missouri, is a 70,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility. High quality cannabis is cultivated and harvested and a pharmaceutical-grade laboratory extracts and manufactures various forms of medical marijuana to serve the great state of Missouri.

Our Strains - Coming Soon!

Our knowledgeable experts are creating unique strains of cannabis with distinct cannabinoid profiles and precise formulations of products to treat specific qualifying medical conditions in Missouri.

Therapeutic Forms


Dry Flower

Our dry flower is grown indoors to precisely dial in the needs of the plant, producing a high-quality product that is free of pesticides, metals, and other foreign material. We take time in the drying and curing process to ensure the material is not too dry and is appealing to the consumer. We also take time to hand trim our flower to remove any excess sugar leaves that may be on the product.


Distillate Cartridges

Our distillate cartridges start with refined, high potency distillate and formulated with all natural botanically derived terpenes or a pleasant fruit forward taste. These cartridges offer convenient, discreet vapor and are available in 510 thread cartridges.


Live Resin Cartridges

Our live resin cartridges are our high potency, high terpene extracted oil in a cartridge. This delivers patients the taste and effects of sauce concentrates in the convenience of a portable vape. These cartridges are strain specific and will have a concentrate forward taste.


Live Resin Extracts

Our live resin extracts start with fresh frozen plant material, always buds and never trim. The end result is a high-quality extract that produces flavors and aromas that carry over from the original plant. It allows the patient to enjoy the true essence of the strain. We will be making all sorts of varieties of concentrates from budder to sauce and sugar.


THC-A Sand

Our sand is unlike anything else in the market, it starts with our high quality, single strain extractions and refined down to isolate the THC-A molecule. The result is a high potency, low terpene extract that offers a wide variety of uses. This can be added to flower or concentrates as an added boost to potency or use alone in the same way as any concentrate.



Our pre-rolls are used with whole bud and never trim. Our pre-rolls offer patients easy access to a familiar and popular way of consumption.